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Word of mouth is everything, and word of mouth is being replaced by online reviews and social media. It’s word of mouth, only permanent, so it can either make or break your company/brand image. Bottom line, negative reviews in Google can hurt your bottom line and even destroy your business. Usually attacks come from an ex-employee, a bitter customer, or even a competitor as is the case below:

The image below shows a company that was being targeted by competitors. Even after going the legal route of contacting lawyers, there was “nothing” that could be done. In situations like these we must control the message, by creating profiles, websites and boosting up your online profiles to showcase your business in the positive light it deserves:

BEFORE Reputation Mangement:

before positive brand messaging services

AFTER Brand Profile Creation / Building:

reputation management google rankings

On most review / directory websites you can counter the negative claim, but on many 3rd party websites or blogs you simply have no voice against them. This leaves you with 3 options.

1) Legal route through lawyers; you might win but as the case above they spent money on lawyers and still were not successful

2) Ignore the reviews; hope it goes away. We all know this is costing you business though so not really an option

3) Hire a reputation mangement company such as that has proven the ability to drown out the negative noise and replace it with positive brand messages you control.

You can see the negative reviews still “exist” but they are not taking up prime Google real estate in the #2,#3,and #4 spots. They are currently more towards the bottom of page 1, and occasionally on page 2. The campaign is a success as customers can now find more information about what they are searching versus the opinions (use that term loosely) of their competitors.

Because this company takes its brand, image, and reputation seriously they have also opted to further protect itself against future attacks by asking us to register multiple domains, setup, and optimize.

These “sister” sites stay true to the original intent of the main website, and simply act as a funnel and buffer for those seeking out this business. These websites will be optimized and promoted as well, and if need be further promotions done to ensure the protection of the brand. Example below:

Example buffer sister website

Are you the victim of an online attack? Chances are the person is anonymous, a competitor, or maybe even an honest customer, but without options to clear the air or give a fair and balanced view of your business, potential customers will only know the worst of your business, and assume the worst. Fill out the form or give Matt/Dan a call to discuss how we can boost up your online profiles and get you headed in the right direction today!

The 6th amendment is lost on the internet. We are looking to help your business, as we know real people and families can be greatly affected by the whims of an anonymous avatar seeking to destroy you.

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to be confronted with the witnesses against him.

We don’t care about confronting them. We are going to beat them.


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