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How Going Digital Helped Grow This Physical Newspaper Mailer

Newspaper and Physical Direct Mailers are still incredibly successful. Digital should be seen as another medium to grow the brand, reach new audiences and increase advertising revenues. When a New Jersey based direct mailer, NJ Shopping and Dining Guide approached us they had a very basic 4 page website, with virtually no online presence. No facebook, twitter, pinterest, and no overall digital marketing strategy.

Before and After – Functional, Adding Value, Growing Sales/Brand

The website before had little functionality, or clear focus. You could not browse the digital paper before, or see the businesses that were listed on their own separate landing pages. (click to enlarge)


Before direct mail response web design marketing




Newspaper web design

Before NJAnton, the website did not link to social media accounts (as they did not exist). We created their Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts. We also listed every business that advertises in their physical mailer, and organized according to towns, along with PDF files of the recent publications.

The website is now a digital extension of their physical mailer, whereas before it was a digital one page billboard with no focus or function.

End Result:

NJ Shopping and Dining Guide now has a beautiful, functional website. Their content/brand message is clear. Businesses reach their target market through Onpage Optimized SEO changes, and their new Social Media reach. End consumers find great businesses and local discounts in the area. Businesses have already complimented the CEO on the new design and added value, and have booked future advertising slots – increase revenue. We can do the same for you!

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